Route Post Number Three

“It was an Elan. A delightful little thing famously made of Kleenex and unicorn farts.” ~ Sam Smith

DAY THREEThe day dawned on a wet car. It had rained last night and the tonneau cover had a pool about the size of a huge pizza right over the center zipper. That’s right…it leaked into the interior and got most everything wet inside. Fortunately, the hotel towels were just what I needed. Once dried, I bundled up as it was only 52 degrees but at least it wasn’t raining. Off I trundled through Harrison to find route 7. I did.

Arkansas route 7 should be a national treasure. If you have a list of “best roads” this one should be near the top. I am indebted to Dave Green who found it while working on a project in Arkansas and made sure I took it. I altered my planned route for the day and was very glad I did. I had the road mostly to myself for the first 35 miles and then came upon this big slow wrecker.

The good news is that within a couple of miles, the only dual passing lane on the entire uphill part appeared and I was by in a flash. Climbing to over 2,500 feet, the road carved the ridgeline for a while and then began its decent to just over 500 feet. The sign that said “Crooked and steep next 53 miles Drive with care” was exactly right. You need to drive this road if you are a car guy!

Dropping down to 300 feet above sea level and heading southeast the temps climbed to a warm 78 degrees by the time I got to Aberdeen MS. Again, the wind was relentless. I went back to my leather flying helmet and a hat to manage until the afternoon when it got too warm. Once again I just let the wind massage my hair. I need to learn to get fuel when the gauge is at about ¼ because there are gaps in the fuel distribution system and I found one today. Thankfully I found Tim Kupp and his helper Floyd who took pity on me and donated a gallon or two of their personal supply and would not take any money. It is a long story so it will have to wait but these guys were wonderful.

It was a spectacular day, but rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow so I have put the top up and hope it will keep the worst out. I do have my rain gear.

Impressions from the third day:

Impressions from the third day:

• It was a great day, especially the morning. I was worried when I left Harrison because it was cold and gray but it ended up perfect.

• There are still really good people around like Tim and Floyd who never inquired about my politics, they just helped.

• Crossing the Mississippi near Helena AR was somehow significant to me. It is as if I am now in the eastern US rather than the west. It was an omen of progress.   

• The car has not missed a beat and continues to zip along at 65-70 very smoothly, if not quietly. Thanks Wind!

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Hi, I’m Ross and I’m a tripoholic. I love driving especially in my old cars and then writing about the adventure that always follows. I’m old enough to know better but that doesn’t stop me. If you like stories of the road, every word true no matter how far fetched it may seem, then grab a beer or a cup of coffee and join me!

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April 2021

3 thoughts on “Route Post Number Three

  1. you need a “bow” or stick in the middle of your tonneau to keep it higher and prevent pooling of rainwater. You’ll know for next time! 🙂 Enjoying the evening updates….drive safe!


  2. Perhaps you can enjoy some warm weather and less wind for the next several days. You are on a roll! So glad Arkansas had that great road. It may be the best you’ll get for awhile. EnJOY!


  3. Enjoying following this adventure, Ross, thank you for all!

    Your dealings with the wind and sun remind me of my friend Jamie’s approach in his Lotus Seven, represented in a part of our video of a little local Lotus adventure, here:

    Thanks again, and best wishes.

    Peter B.


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