Route Post Number Six

“It was an Elan. A delightful little thing famously made of Kleenex and unicorn farts.” ~ Sam Smith

DAY SIX – Leg One is Done!!

Well I made it to the southeastern most point in the continental USA, the bridge abutment at the edge of Card Sound, a body of water which sits between the mainland and Key Largo. It was a short day and I reached the bridge early enough to take a couple of photos and then adjourn to a nice lunch at Alabama Jack’s just a hundred or so yards up the road from the bridge.

The drive started out slightly less wonderful though. When I left Haines City, a less than glamorous place and the motel which was the least impressive place in Haines City, I encountered fog within blocks. It was mighty cold too, not because of the temperature but the humidity and the breeze in the car. I actually bundled up at a gas stop because I felt cold. But the cold wasn’t the real problem; the visibility was! A red light appeared out of the fog with cars stopped at it that required a near panic stop because it wasn’t visible sooner. Then the dreaded stop lights began with long cycles so it seemed I was waiting as much as driving. In case you think I am being a bit precious about stop lights and delays, I want the record to reflect that they are NOT all red. By actual count along a 22 ½ mile stretch, only 24 of the 27 lights were red; all the rest were green!

One Down, Three to Go.

Once I had reached the goal, I turned my attention to getting to my sister’s house in Naples. With a nice cruise across the Tamiami trail (a road that was originally built from Tampa to Miami, so now it makes sense right?) I arrived at about 3:00 to a warm welcome, great food and conversation plus laundry service! Isn’t it nice to have family who cares for us?! They even let me put the Elan in their garage so it is nice and safe and dry. Tomorrow, I have most of the length of Florida to cover and then I will be out of the heat and humidity…I hope.

When I reached this point I was six feet above sea level which means I had lost 99.99 percent of the altitude I had at home. Somehow that fits…no offense Florida.

Impressions from the sixth day:

• I was delighted with the achievement of the first goal and it was a really pretty and pleasant place to reach. But the struggle through the Florida road system really dulled the excitement level.

• It was genuinely cold at 7:00 am and I was chilled until about 10:00. Then it was as if someone changed the setting on the heat pump from cool to heat and cranked it up. Within a few minutes it was actually hot.

• I avoided any real rain again today. Let’s hope my luck holds with the level of moisture I’ve had so far…light rain and enough fog that required the wipers but no meaningful rain.  

• We had a great evening together with family which is why this blog is late and short. Deal with it!

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Hi, I’m Ross and I’m a tripoholic. I love driving especially in my old cars and then writing about the adventure that always follows. I’m old enough to know better but that doesn’t stop me. If you like stories of the road, every word true no matter how far fetched it may seem, then grab a beer or a cup of coffee and join me!

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April 2021

One thought on “Route Post Number Six

  1. Glad you made the first goal, Ross, congratulations!!
    Surprisingly (to me anyway) driving, especially in an old, open car is very fatiguing. The level of concentration required and being battered by the wind continuously take a toll.


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