General Observations on the Eastern Loop and Home

I hope that all of you continue to take both joy and solace in the simple act of driving. There is nothing quite like firing up your own car and traveling on your own terms. We will miss it when it is gone. Let’s hope that day never comes.” ~ Jack Baruth – Avoidable Contact

In the post entitled, “Initial Planning” I described the general idea of going to the four corners of the continental USA, with this observation: “…so I’ll start toward the southeast first. My thinking is that while there may be April showers, the likelihood of snow throughout the great plains and south into Florida should be absent and the temps pleasant. Then, once I have reached Card Sound road in Key Largo, FL, I will begin working my way north as the season warms. Upon reaching Madawaska, ME it should be into the pleasant temp range there as well.”

That forecast turned out to be pretty close to what I actually encountered. It was a bit warmer in Florida than I had expected so early in the spring and a lot cooler in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont than I thought it would be, but on the whole it was very pleasant and mostly dry. These are the best conditions for my little car and I was pretty lucky.

The eastern loop out from Colorado Springs and back was over 6,700 miles I tagged the first three points of the planned eight, Card Sound Road, Madawaska and the Geocenter of the 48 states. According to my calculations, that is about 2,200 miles per point attained. Now I will be aiming for the five remaining which include the high and low points as well as the corners and the 50 state Geocenter. When I go west it will be about a 5,000 mile loop and I will hit 5 more points, which is about 1,000 miles per point attained, a much more satisfying ratio.

Now I am home and will be attending to a few things prior to going back out on the western swing. First is my rest. I have slept a lot the last two days including afternoon naps plus ten hour nights. Second, there is a complete reboot of the clothing with laundering all the stuff I brought home and reselection of what to take on what I expect will be a cooler overall loop. And finally, there is the car. I have scheduled a rotation and rebalance of the tires, a visit to the muffler shop to see if the exhaust can be made quieter as it became much louder in the last few thousand miles, and finally an oil and filter change and lube point check. I would have gotten started on this stuff today but it is 37 degrees and snowing. Here is photographic evidence. The Elan is snug in the garage so once again, the car and I are exactly where we need to be with the weather doing its thing.

I am anticipating a departure on Thursday May 6, 2021 so stay tuned for more news as I get closer.

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Hi, I’m Ross and I’m a tripoholic. I love driving especially in my old cars and then writing about the adventure that always follows. I’m old enough to know better but that doesn’t stop me. If you like stories of the road, every word true no matter how far fetched it may seem, then grab a beer or a cup of coffee and join me!

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May 2021


One thought on “General Observations on the Eastern Loop and Home

  1. Thanks Ross … really enjoying virtually accompanying you and the Elan on your adventure … Jack, the LBCC “Miata Guy”


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