West Route Post Number Fifteen

“It was an Elan. A delightful little thing famously made of Kleenex and unicorn farts.” ~ Sam Smith

DAY FIFTEENWhat a marvelous and special day!

Today was to be the last day of a very long journey so when I woke just before seven, it was with the mixed feeling of excitement to be meeting the LOCO folks and sadness that there would be no more travel. Of course this was mixed further with the relief of being back home again after so long away.

In short, the good news, maybe even huge news, is that I made it all the way home. I am tired but happy with the outcome and the Elan still is running great and never missed a beat. Now that I have rested and cleaned up I will finish this post.

When I left Kremmling I knew I had plenty of time so I set a relaxed pace and just enjoyed motoring in the old car on an old road with an old driver going home. When I got to Dillon, the simple thing to do would have been to take I-70 west four miles to the Frisco exit, but instead I went east up the hill and drove across the Dillon Dam and took a moment to snap this photo of what is so perfect about Colorado. Then I took fifteen minutes and put the top down for the rest of the way home.

On Dillon Dam.

Then I cruised through Frisco and up highway 9 to Breckenridge where I found Peter Monson in his Evora waiting by the side of the road. What a nice surprise! As he fell in behind me I fell in behind this giant truck which pulled out at crawling speed just in front of me and which Peter and I had to follow all the way up Hoosier Pass at excruciatingly slow speed and with lots of dust and gravel from his wheels coming our way. This photo that Peter took is where he pulled over at the top of Hoosier Pass.

Where does the Gorilla Truck drive? Anywhere he wants!

We zoomed down the pass to Alma where I was greeted by some of Alma’s officials, the town manager, the chief of police and the public works manager who knew I was coming and wanted to welcome me. Along with them were several LOCO folks who were there to escort me to lunch and home. After suitable hors d’ oeuvres of the famous Frito and Easy Cheese family we proceeded to the Tarryall road for a delightful run to highway 24. That is a road that never disappoints and it satisfied yet again today. No wonder it is one of our favorites.

Now THAT is a treat!
No arrest was made despite Dave’s urging.
Across South Park on the way to Tarryall Road.

We were on US 24 heading to the Hungry Bear in Woodland Park for lunch when the cars ahead of us hit the brakes, and we did too, to allow several deer to cross the highway. We had started up again when I noticed two more in the woods to the right so watching them intently for movement I eased by. At lunch, Dave Green said that after I passed they bolted out and crossed the road so he had another “moment”. Lunch at the Hungry Bear was a delight as I answered questions and people made comments about the trip. And the final treat was that Tim Haas picked up the check!

So, thanks to all of you who came to meet me in Alma with special thanks to Jim Collins for putting the meet up together, Peter Monson for the escort from Breckenridge and the heads up to the town of Alma. It was a treat to be welcomed and escorted for the final bit. And, thanks to all of you who have been riding along and have donated to the kids. I’m told that we had over 100 donors which is just astonishing. Thank You.

At an elevation of approximately 10,578 feet, Alma, CO is the highest incorporated municipality in the United States

In the next couple of days I will do a wrap up, overview of my thoughts on the trip and share some statistics that people have asked about, but I will answer the two big questions here: “Are you glad you did it?” and “Was it what you expected?”

I am glad I did it though it turned out to be a bigger deal than I thought it would be. As Glen S noted, 350 miles a day is fine for three or four days…it is too much for 36 days. I had thought it would be easier on me and the car than it was though both of us made it home in decent shape. And, finally, I am truly blessed to have all the support and friendship that I have and to live in this wonderfully diverse and beautiful country. It was a privilege.

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2 thoughts on “West Route Post Number Fifteen

  1. Based on your last post I am not going to ask you to drive to Littleton for a treat at Freddy’s. So that means I have to plan the scenic route and gear up for a long tough 80 mile trip to meet you in the Springs. I may need your assistance on the routing. Rest up. The best Frozen Custard awaits us.



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